The Sampling/Lab Process

At Spectrum odour lab we aim to keep the whole process as simple as possible, a normal analysis will be something like:

  1. Client makes contact and schedules an odour analysis slot
  2. Spectrum odour lab ships the required number of pre-identified sample containers together with the return packaging (hire equipment will be sent at this point too)
  3. The client takes the sample and then returns it to the lab for analysis
  4. The lab receives the sample together with any chain of custody forms completed by the sampling team. The samples are tracked throughout the whole process using our unique LIMS software
  5. The samples are analysed using methods defined by the customer and/or by the relevant standards
  6. The analysed sample is disposed of in accordance with procedures and the results are submitted for internal verification
  7. Once verified, the results are release electronically to the clients
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