Our Lab Equipment

The Scentroid SS600 is the world’s most advanced stationary, dynamic, and fully automated olfactometer. It is capable of odour measurement and analysis to all international olfactometery standards:

  • EN13725:2003
  • VDI 3881

6 Stations-
To reduce testing time and ensure maximum lab efficiency the SS600 features 6 identical panellist stations for simultaneous odour analysis. Each Station is equipped with a Siemens touch screen for flexibility and ease of operation. Three (3) stainless steel sniffing ports at each station allows for true triangular odour analysis.

Dedicated administration panel-
The Siemens industrial controllers monitor and adjust test parameters automatically to ensure optimal test conditions. Test results are instantaneously processed and displayed live to the test administrator on the dedicated 8″ industrial touch-screen interface.

All equipment used on the Scentroid SS600 is certified for industrial use. Siemens control hardware and machine interface coupled with specialized Stainless steel valves, mass flow controllers, and regulators ensures unprecedented reliability.

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