How We Analyse

Odour concentration using binary forced choice mode

The forced choice method uses both the available ports. Panelists must sniff both ports and determine which has the detectable odour. The olfactometer randomly switches the diluted sample to port A or port B for each challenge.

Odour concentration using triangular forced choice mode

Triangular forced choice used all 3 available ports. Panelists must select the port where they detect the odour and respond using the touch screen. This method is more accurate where lower concentrations and involved.

Odour offensiveness using direct presentation

The direct presentation is used for panelist screening, troubleshooting, or just to acquire the hedonic tone or offensiveness rating. The controller sends the diluted sample to port A.

Odour hedonic tone and offensiveness

Hedonic tone and offensiveness can be used either as a single method or in conjunction with the above methods, thus allowing multiple tests on a single sample at the same time.



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