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Spectrum Odour Lab provides Odour Consultancy and Management including: Odour Surveys, Site Odour Assessments, Odour Threshold Analysis, Odour Management Planning, Odour Dispersion Modelling, Odour Acuity Testing, Hedonic Tone and Offensiveness rating, Advice on Abatement and control measures.

Spectrum Odour Lab operates from an analytical odour laboratory based in Worcester. We specialise in odour threshold analysis, offering a fast, accurate and efficient odour testing service to a range of companies across the UK.

Our state of the art odour threshold analysis equipment is set up to provide testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows us to provide our services at a low cost with unrivaled response times; handling up to 100 samples per day. As part of our odour threshold analysis, we can offer hedonic tone and odour characterisation of the samples, if required.

Our Approach

Part of our approach is to work alongside our customers, and offer training and education to understand the nature and causes of odour. This approach allows our customers to engage with their local environment and neighbourhood, to forge better working relationships with those around them. Wherever possible; prevention is better than cure, and by reducing complaints, improving public relations and demonstrating environmental awareness, we can provide a service that is beneficial to all.

Low Cost, Flexible Service

We have an online booking facility, allowing customers to choose their own testing date; in order to fit in with their own scheduling requirements.This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving customers total flexibility.

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