Busy day filming with National TV Company

Director Pete Badham aka #yodaofodour (Yoda of Odour) and panel have been filming today for a Christmas TV Special with a national TV Company. More details to follow.

VOC Report – E-Leather – Testimonial

‘I contacted Air Spectrum based on a very positive recommendation, they still managed to exceed my expectations due to their ability to be flexible but remain responsive, allowing them to produce a concise report enabling us to be proactive with our growth plans’

Dean Groome, Engineering Manager

Air Spectrum appoint Rebecca Munson as Director

Air Spectrum, the leading odour and dust solutions company based in Checketts Lane, Worcester have announced the appointment of their current UK Sales Manager as their newest Director

10 years ago Rebecca Munson began working with Air Spectrum on a temporary contract. This became permanent, as a sales and service administrator, then promotion followed to sales manager and in the last 4 years has managed the U¬¬K sales team as UK sales manager. Now comes the appointment to Director.
Rebecca observed, “When I began this journey on a temporary contract, I would never have believed that a decade later I would become a Director. Since day one the support from all my colleagues has been fantastic. We are proud to be a market leader and I am looking forward to ensuring that is exactly where we remain.”
Mark Thomas, Air Spectrum Managing Director commented “It is a great day for our business to appoint Rebecca as a Director. Her breadth of experience means she understands our Company throughout. I look forward to witnessing the changes she brings to us at Director level.”


About Air Spectrum
Air Spectrum Environmental specialise in industrial odour control designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke industrial odour control equipment and dust suppression systems worldwide. With over 22 years experience Air Spectrum understand the needs of clients, and can satisfy local nuisance odour and dust legislation in Europe and throughout the world. Air Spectrum is a family owned business, founded in 1994 and based in Worcester, UK.

To find out more about Air Spectrum Environmental Limited, visit their website, https://www.airspectrum.com

Address: Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Checketts Lane, Worcester WR3 7JW
Telephone: 01905 362100

About Spectrum Environmental Support

Spectrum Environmental Support (SES) provides expert advice in odour and dust consultancy across a range of industries including: Water and Waste Management, Local Authorities and process industries such as those operating odorous or dusty environment including effluent treatment, construction, engineering and manufacturing.

We work alongside our two sister companies Air Spectrum and OdourLab to provide extensive knowledge and advice from our Air Quality Consultants for air quality testing, planning, monitoring, assessments and air quality modelling.

To find out more about About Spectrum Environmental Support, visit their website, https://www.specenvsupport.com/

Address: Spectrum Environmental Support Limited, Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Checketts Lane, Worcester, WR3 7JW

Telephone: 01905 362100

Mark Thomas is available for interview on 01905 362100 or email mark.thomas@airspectrum.com

Rebecca Munson is available for interview on 01905 362100 or email rebecca.munson@airspectrum.com

International Odour and Dust Experts appoint published Aerobiologist Dr. Magdalena Sadyś

Aerobiology is the study of airborne microorganisms such as pollen, spores and seeds, especially as agents of infection, providing an invaluable service to allergy sufferers.

As the International Odour and Dust Experts, we are continually at the forefront of the complex issues which can affect all of us. We continue to research and provide solutions to the most complex areas of air quality and environmental support. We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Magdalena Sadyś , Ph.D., in Aerobiology to our team. Magdalena has many years of research experience, is regularly published and has been guest editor of the Aerobiologia journal. Her considerable experience has been enhanced with extensive laboratory experience and she has even found time to become a specialist in nature conservation.

Rebecca Munson, UK Business Development Manager, said “We are delighted to welcome Magdalena to further enhance the environmental support we offer to our customers. We are proud of our reputation for expertise in the field of odour and aerobiology. We continue to invest in both our team and research to ensure that our specialisation tackles the most complex areas of air quality.”
Dr. Magdalena said, “I am excited to be joining the renowned team in the Spectrum Environmental Support department at Air Spectrum. My passion is for both biology and training. My research interests are within the fields of atmospheric sciences, public health and sustainable agriculture. I excel as a team player and have built collaborations with partners from both academia and industry at an International level, and look forward to incorporating and enhancing these within my work at Air Spectrum.”
About Air Spectrum

We are the International odour control specialists, delivering solutions globally. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is one of the most accurate and repeatable in the world for odour analysis. We provide a one stop shop and are proud of our International reputation.

If you would like more information about either us, or our latest appointment please contact:

Rebecca Munson (01905 362100) (07769 900687) Email: rebeccamunson@airspectrum.com

Odourlab Maintains its ISO17025 Accreditation

In June 2017, Spectrum Odourlab was audited by UKAS to determine our compliance with ISO 17025 and EN13725 and to re-accredit us for another 4 year cycle. Everything went without a hitch, even though the laboratory was busy running client samples.

During the past 12 months, Odourlab have made several improvements in the administration of the laboratory and our stable sensory panelists are providing excellent results.  We always view our annual audit as an opportunity to see how piers view us, and their observations are used as an opportunity to improve our service and our methods. Happily, the observations are positive and the team from UKAS gave us good feedback following the audit. They were positive regarding our plans for the future, our technician’s abilities, the results we produce and our commitment to our customers.

Air Spectrum Launch Spectrum Environmental Support – A New Odour And Dust Consultancy Business

Worcester-based Air Spectrum Environmental Limited is delighted to launch a new consultancy business. Spectrum Environmental Support (SES) provides expert advice in odour, dust and air emissions consultancy across a range of industries including: Water and Waste Management, Local Authorities’ and process industries such as those operating odorous or dusty plants including effluent treatment, construction, engineering and manufacturing.

Odour pollution is one of the most intrusive pollutants and causes disruption and annoyance to thousands of lives every day across the UK. As a pollutant, odour is one of the most difficult to define, and equally dust has impact on the public and workers’ health, and must be managed in a professional manner.

Most businesses in these sectors must comply with Environmental Permits and other statutory requirements or face heavy fines and possible imprisonment.  Spectrum Environmental Support will support new and existing customers as these businesses increase their efforts to avoid the consequences of not responding to regulatory demands.

As legislation becomes tighter and process changes are introduced, the marketplace for Spectrum Environmental Support’s professional odour and dust management services will expand. Many organisations will adopt more responsible attitudes and approaches towards managing and controlling processes that operate with potential to cause odour and dust emissions.

Spectrum Environmental Support’s technical services, specialist products, and practical capabilities will be increasingly focused in response to customer demands for effective support and solutions which will properly manage a comprehensive range of their odour and dust issues, and in particular to ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation, especially where there are demands for: –

  • Assessing reporting and managing the causes and effects of environmental issues relating to odour, dust and airborne pollution
  • Urgent remedial and/or routine works to address sites where a varied range of odour and dust problems are identified
  • Introductions of specialist new control equipment including management packages
  • Monitoring and modifying existing systems and equipment to bring sites into line with Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) and other requirements e.g. Local Authority Pollution Controls (LAPC)

Odour and other airborne pollution can arise from various sources such as waste, water treatment, restaurants, sewerage works, landfill, petro-chemical, industrial processes, agriculture and food manufacture. Any process which handles odourous material can cause odour pollution, and problems can occur at all stages of a business process. Planning and permit applications that lack sufficient impact assessments can be rejected; neighbourhood complaints can be troublesome, gaining unwanted media coverage, and in worse case scenarios sites can be prosecuted, receiving hefty fines for odour problems.

Dust suppression and control is a critical factor when it comes to preventing the exposure to dust of the public and employees. Dust Control measures usually involve a combination of equipment and methods of working to reduce exposure. The right combination is crucial. No measures, however practical, can work unless they are used properly. SES consultants will assess and advise on dust monitoring equipment and dust suppression techniques for a range of industries including dust suppression for construction, quarries and mines, demolition and aggregates, sports arenas, tracks and equestrian facilities.

Spectrum Environmental Support can help in all odour, dust and associated emissions related cases. With the correct precautions, abatement and management the release of pollutants can be contained and the impact effects limited.

The new SES team will provide odour and dust consultancy and management including:

  • Site odour impact assessment (including on-going site monitoring)
  • Site sampling using structured collection, handling and transport protocols
  • In-house laboratory analysis via their UKAS Accredited Laboratory
  • Dispersion modelling using ADMS 5 software
  • Detailed Reporting and recommendations
  • Monitoring Equipment supply and installation
  • Monitoring Equipment servicing and maintenance
  • Provision of independent and accurate advice about appropriate abatement and control measures.
  • Bespoke and specific training

Air Spectrum Managing Director Mark Thomas, said: “Our nationwide odour and dust services to industry puts us as a market leader in the provision of consultancy and advice when it comes down to managing these nuisance areas.

“The formation of Spectrum Environmental Support as an independent consultancy aside from our equipment and chemical business means we can offer these technical services without bias and offer professional and neutral advice and solutions.”


earn cash for using your nose!

Have you got a nose for cash!

Earn cash for using your nose!

Air Spectrum_Recruit Panel advert

You are invited to join our Air Spectrum Odour lab panel of sniffers and earn up to £9.00 an hour for following your nose.

Our odour laboratory is based in Checketts Lane, Worcester, where suitable Odourlab panelists have their noses tested and calibrated; and are called into the lab to sit on a panel of 6 ‘sniffers’ who will sniff and detect samples of air in a controlled environment.

The lab uses samples of air that are collected from various sites throughout the UK which are then connected to an “Olfactometer” which dilutes them with clean fresh air before being delivered to the “sniffing” ports located in the panelist cubicles. The panelists detect the odour and use touch panels to feedback on the odour characteristics.

On average our pre-panelist acuity test takes up to 2 hours and you will be required 3 times before we can see if you are suitable. Panelists will need to be able to work to a flexible timetable (sometimes outside of normal office hours), and be punctual and reliable, as this is a commercial venture and samples have a very short lifespan.

Main duties

  1. To be part of an odour panel that requires you to be acuity tested for suitability.
  2. To listen to and carry out the tests requests when indicated and undergo training sessions to accurately detect the odours present.

Person specification

Essential Criteria:

  1. An odour recognition sensitivity that falls within a set, narrow range of detection.
  2. After training, a good understanding of the relevant protocols.
  3. Reliability and good time keeping.



In good health?

Have a good nose?

Flexible and available?

Then e-mail info@odourlab.co.uk

Or Telephone 01905 362100

Odourlab complete their 2nd UKAS audit

In early July, Odourlab completed it’s second UKAS ISO 17025 surveillance audit with flying colours. Our committed team is keen to build on our growing reputation.

Congratulations to Wardell Armstrong

Well done to Wardell Armstrong air quality consultants. You have all passed the odour acuity training.

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